About Velma Hart & Associates

Velma Hart & Associates is a woman and veteran owned organization dedicated to achieving the vision of its customers, who vary in size from small to mid-range organizations with budgets from several hundred thousand dollars to more than $20 million dollars annually. We focus our practice in ensuring the solvency and viability of the core business operations and governance through strategic and thoughtful planning coupled with flawless execution. No organization is to damaged or broken, no problem to extreme that we cannot effectively manage through it. We do more than service our clients, we service partners who ultimately become success stories for our business.

Through creative program execution, business strategy formulation, implementation, and rigorous financial enforcement/reinforcement, we achieve high impact results . Leadership development is essential to the success of any organization.


We ensure our clients success by changing the way they operate and helping them build a successful company through groundbreaking initiatives and actions that deliver results. We help to restore a business' competitive edge today. We are in business to transform your vision into a new reality.