About Velma

I have worked in several capacities for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations as well as in the for-profit space. While I prefer nonprofit, the pressures and opportunities are somewhat different in the for-profit space and can be quite invigerating. Indeed, I play well in both spaces. However, my passion and home is in the area of finance, which I consider to be the heart and soul of any business. With over 25 years of association experience, I am a nationally-known speaker who makes a personal connecton to my audience.  Currently, I am a consultant to a number of associations and corporations.  I run a successful business and have been published in several nonprofit organizations' books and articles. Additionally, I have just released my first children's book, "Courage in the Fire," and I am very excited about that.

Many say that I am an innovative thinker with vision and leadership skills that reimagine organizational outcomes, challenge norms, and make a little rain. I am humbled by that kind commentary. Further, I have had the pleasure of being a commentator for CNBC and MSNBC, which is an opportunity that I enjoyed. I have opinions and pay close attention to what is being said as well as to the underlying meaning. My drothers is to lead with my heart and trust; however, I have a tendency to trust, but verify.

In the end, I am known for my strategic focus in moving companies and organizations forward to achieve their goals. I have a reputation for getting things done and have had the honor of serving as a member of the Army Women’s Foundation Planning Committee and as a member of the White Houses’ Presidential Personnel Offices Women Leaders Group. Additionally, I have served on various nonprofit boards, all of which I have enjoyed and believe I contributed to them favorably. By serving on those various boards, I created a pathway that allowed me to value the mission of an organization and portray this in my work. I use this in my work on boards today. Staying on mission is critical.


My faith and my family is most important to me.  I am honored to be the mother to two amazing young women who I love and support as they make their mark in the world and become successful in their own right.  I am also the proud wife to my wonderful husband with whom I have shared my life with for more than 30 years. Born in Texas, I have a passion for all things southern, and I love the pace of the east coast and the extended family and friends I have all over the world.

If your organization is seeking a powerful, motivated speaker for its next event, a problem solver to address the things that keep you up at night or a partner to advance your organization's strategy, please contact Velma Hart & Associates. We will be happy to serve you.